Saturday, May 29, 2010

The prodigal has returned

Forgive my fancy title, I have gotten 1/2 hour sleep in 36 hours.

My flight was uneventful--just the way I like them. The heat and humidity hit me in the face when I walked out of the airport. Quite a shock after the cool spring in NYC and the artificial cool I had been cocooned in for more than 16 hours. Last time I was here it was in December, for me it was spring like weather in the middle of winter.

I was considering going back out when it started pouring out ... maybe I will stay in, rest, start fresh tomorrow. Overall I hope it doesn't rain as much as the forecast seems to be indicating. I don't have a decent umbrella at home so I didn't pack one, looks like I might have to make that a priority purchase.

I have been watching tv, flipping channels, some sort of award show on TVB--I recognize some folks but am fuzzy on most of their names, Dodo, Nat Chan, Vincent Kok and some other guy that I see all the time but his name escapes me--he is wearing a bright pink suit which somehow works for him--are MCs. Looks like it might be for public service announcements, but I am not sure. Then there is America's Got Talent (you got to be kidding!) and Ghost Whisperer--neither show I have ever watched in the US. I don't have many channels on this little tv so there is even less selection I imagine. But I have seen an orange juice, was it Minute Maid?, commercial with Eason Chan and just saw Louis Koo hawking something ... already forgot what it was but he looked well tanned as usual.

Oh, I saw "Mulan" "Storm Riders 2" "Black Ransom" and "Bodyguards and Assassins" on the way here--I feel more caught up on my HK/Chinese films. I do plan to see some films while I am here. I really want to see "Gallants" but not sure what else will be playing while I am here.


  1. Ah... I love that first kiss of heat and humidity when you exit the airport. For me, it always say: yes, I'm really here in Hong Kong. :)

  2. Haha. I echo that. My first night last August felt like New Orleans. But when I woke up in the morning, it felt UNGODLY. Just awful. I hope you have a good time there. Envious that you can see Gallants as it wasn't out yet when I was there -- still playing the festivals.

  3. LOL, nice to know you all know what I am talking about. Today was slightly cooler, giving me a little more time to adjust.