Friday, August 2, 2013

Progess Report

Phase one of my transition is complete. My move from NYC to Rochester is done. Honestly, I think this was the hard part. I lived in NYC for longer than anywhere else, Rochester may be my hometown but NYC was my home. Yes, I definitely miss NYC already but I am looking forward to my Hong Kong adventure. I am in relaxation mode right now and it feels good, these last few months I have been very stressed and my body needs the break.

Still waiting to hear on my student visa but I was accepted in the Cantonese program (YIPPIE!) so I am confident it is just a matter of time. If they turn me down? I have a plan B, no worries. My mind is made up, my flight is paid for, I am going to Hong Kong no matter what.

Many people find my decision to return to Rochester a bit unbelievable after so long in NYC. To be honest, since I made that decision I have had many thoughts about this that aren't very coherent. Yes, as I get older I feel the pull to be closer to my family again and that is what spurred that decision. But now that I have no job and no apartment to maintain, I feel quite liberated. It is a feeling that I am enjoying right now.

We'll see.

My next blog post will most likely not be until September, when I am in Hong Kong.