Monday, May 31, 2010

Fangirls and Stanley

For some people my desire to come here alone is rather strange. But I have been telling these people that I know people who will be there at least for part of the time I am here. Let me explain a little here--

I am a member of Andy World Club--Andy Lau's fan club. It has been a great way to meet people and one of the ways I keep motivated to study Cantonese (although the majority of his interviews are in Mandarin now). I am a fan but don't mistake me to be one that believes that he is the best this or that--I just like him. I can watch him in total crap and have seen films where he seemed to be going thru the motions--no problem, it is Andy. Yep, I am a fangirl. But I don't think I am obsessive about it. I support him like he is a friend or a family member. Being part of the fan club has its advantages, not only does one get priority for concert tickets but there are events throughout the year that one can attend. And here are two events this month, so at least for one weekend, I will be with some of my friends that I have met via our mutual fandom.

I met up with one of those other fans yesterday, we have known each other for years but this was our meeting. She moved here a few years ago and was kind enough to guide me around. We had lunch and I bought a cell phone and a SIM card all on one block of Sai Yeung Choi Street. Then we made a brief trip to the AWC clubhouse. It has moved since I was here last so it was new to both of us. We weren't there long, it is smaller than the previous clubhouse and there were no other fans there to socialize with, maybe the rain kept them away, but it was productive because my friend needed to pick something up.

Then we went to MegaBox since it was nearby. Hardly anything was open, we were both surprised. There seemed to be a lot of renovation and new stores not quite ready to open but nothing to keep us there.

That was our whole agenda and we finished early. So we decided to explore Stanley because she had never been there and I had, but with a tour so it a super fast vist. It took awhile to get there, mainly because we were guessing how to get there and made a few missteps.

Sadly we didn't eat dinner there, we went back to Kowloon, but then the restaurant we were plannning to go had a big queue. We had to find a not-Indian vegetarian restaurant--veg for her, not-Indian for me. We had dinner at 10 p.m. I never eat that late! It ended up being a long day, with perhaps too much walking around in a temperature I hadn't acclimated to, I was totally wiped.

Unfortunately my exhaustion didn't help me in terms of sleep. I slept well, but for only about 5 hours. I am still operating under a deficit. Hopefully all will resolve soon.

Today I decided I would take it easy. I went to Central and was walking around but I felt very underdressed in my shorts and t-shirt so didn't stay as long as I expected. I came back to my hotel to take care of a few things and ended up moving to my smaller, permanent room and resolving some problems with the bill and the room.

Class starts tomorrow. They assessed me over the phone and put me in a level 3 class. Classes are in the afternoon, which I am not thrilled about but there are only two of us in this class so there were less options.


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