Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back to Hong Kong

So I am headed back to Hong Kong in a few days. My main reason is to see Andy Lau in concert again and to re-connect with the many friends I have met through my fandom with him. The first time I did this was his last concert tour in 2007-08. It was my first trip to Hong Kong and I was frantically trying to see the major sites between concerts and get-togethers with other fans. Who knew when/if I would return?

Now this is my third trip so I will be more relaxed. There are still places I have yet to see and places I want to go back to but I think I want to just wander around in my free time. Pick an area and just explore. We'll see how that goes.

Ironically, I haven't had much time to study Cantonese lately and my tutoring session on Friday proved just how quickly I can lose my vocabulary and syntax. I was so frustrated. And I probably won't get back into form before my trip. It is too bad, I had been doing really well, but I will get back into form again. If not on my trip, then afterward.