Saturday, November 23, 2013

Not blogging

So apparently I am NOT blogging. I had good intentions but I think I prefer the interaction on Facebook especially since many of my friends and family are there.

I will just say that I am enjoying my time in Hong Kong. School is more challenging than I expected, I spend way too much time trying to learn to write characters, doing homework, studying for quizzes, etc. with less than satisfactory results. The program is quite intensive and my brain is not keeping up as well as I as I would like. And the more I study the harder it is to enjoy what Hong Kong has to offer.

I have a plan to have an easier semester in the Spring. And that will be it. Forget the diploma (3 semesters) I am just aiming for the certificate right now. And forget being a star student, I just want to freaking pass. What's the point of the certificate? For some people it will be useful in either finding a job or as professional development. For me? Not really sure. But after one semester, you don't leave with anything, after 2, if you meet the requirements, you get a certificate, just seems more fulfilling.

Don't get me wrong, I am learning a lot, I like my classes, the teachers and the program. It is just too much for me at this point in my life (yep, sometimes I feel my age).

After the certificate? I would like to stay on, get a job, put what I have been learning to use, enjoy Hong Kong more and travel in the area a bit. Still a tall order but as long as I am having fun and not in the poorhouse, then all is good.

If you want to follow my adventures here in Hong Kong and are on Facebook, let me know, look me up, whatever. If not, I will still attempt to blog here and there.