Thursday, May 27, 2010

final prep

Just a quick post here--tomorrow I leave for Hong Kong.

Ir has been great telling people about my trip and hearing "I am so jealous." I don't hear that very often. I think if one has at least once in their life when almost everyone they knows tells them that--that is much better than "15 minutes of fame."

Work has been stressful so I am very happy to be away from there for awhile. This was unproductive stress--we were engaged in a process that ultimately we have no power in the final result. But who the new dean is, what s/he does stands for and is able to accomplish directly affects us, as well as the students we serve.

So today I am going to try to shake all of that off me and finish getting ready for my trip. I have someone staying in my apartment so I want it to be cleaner than normal, "guest ready" so to speak, so I will be cleaning as well. I hate cleaning but it but I have noticed it can have a meditative effect which wouldn't be a bad thing right now.

I would like to report daily like Glenn did during his Hong Kong trips. But it depends on my internet access for one thing. Anyway, I may post much more than usual in the next 5 weeks, or I may not. All part of the Adventure. :)


  1. Have a great time in HK! I'm looking forward to hearing about it. :)

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  3. I don't think my posts were that riveting -- McDonald's and DVD shopping -- but thank you for the mention!

    I think you will find the everyday experience a pleasant one in most of Hong Kong. Anxious to read your impressions of the MTR and the weather and the harbour and the ferry and the food and on and on and on!

    Have a good flight over and a great time once you get!

  4. Thanks Dave!

    Glenn I enjoyed your posts very much.

    I saw the weather forecast--scattered thunderstorms for the next few days. Not my ideal but all part of the adventure.

  5. Hi Diana,

    Have a wonderful time in Hong Kong and like duriandave and Glenn I'm looking forward to reading/hearing about it.

  6. Thanks sbk, I hope my reports are somewhat interesting.