Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hotel issues and Wan Chai

Every day there is something to resolve with my hotel and it is getting tiresome, I hope it ends soon. In the first room the fridge at first didn't work, then froze everyhing. The toilet wouldn't flush at first either. The bill was wrong and had to be recalculated. The move from one room to another. In the new room the tv reception was bad. They gave me a different tv, that tv blew a fuse or something--smoke came out of it and it no longer works. The tiny space has become the smallest issue. Actually I like this room better than the other even though it is smaller, it seems to be a better setup. Let's hope the tv is fixed today and that is it, no more hotel issues. What I have saved in dollars I feel that I am spending in effort. Something to keep in mind for the next trip.

Yesterday I went to Wan Chai via the Star Ferry. So far I have taken the airport bus, MTR, double decker bus, minibus and now the ferry--I love the variety of options one has here. First I went to Golden Bauhinia Square to see the big golden flower and the reunification monument. Then I was going to explore the area near my school but of course went the wrong way. Luckily figured it out in time to not only make it to class on time but to have lunch beforehand at a Thai restaurant.

Class was good. I feel familiar with much of the lesson that they gave, but I don't know it well so it seems like a good enough starting point. The only other student in the class is a chatty young American guy is fairly well established there.

After class it was raining and I had neglected to carry my umbrella. The covered walkways saved me! I wandered along them for awhile, checking out the shops and restaurants, even bought some books. The books are wrapped in plastic to protect them from humidity. I had wondered about this, thinking that it was very unlike Barnes and Nobles' philosphy of allowing people to browse but Dymocks kindly had a sign to explain the reason.

In the evening I met with a fellow blogger who has been great about giving me advice on how best to learn Cantonese. It is great advice but I can only apply it so far because I don't have the same access to native speakers as he has with his wife, but there is still plenty of his advice that I can apply. He made me realize that I have been haphazard about my language studies thus far. In fairness, I was working full time and doing a masters degree for a good portion of the time I have been learning Cantonese. Also it has more of a hobby for me than anything else. So I have no Cantonese learning goals. Right now I am okay with that. However if I do decide to move here that might change.


  1. I've only been to HK 3 times but 2 of those times I stayed at a cheaper hotel and I found there were little issues all the time. I am fairly flexible and as long as the plumbing, TV, and electricity work, I am happy but there were things I could/should have complained about.

    Even at a 5-star hotel last year, I had issues with the TV too!

    Glad to hear the rest of the trip is progressing nicely. More pictures! I am "homesick" - haha!

  2. Oh, yes, had problems last time too with some little things on my previous trip and that was a much nicer and more expensive place. But I have never had a tv fizzle and smoke on me before. They still haven't done anything about it. Luckily I have my computer and mp3 player here to drown out the noise of the other tenants and the AC unit.

    I have been taking pix but have been lazy about loading them, sorry! Tomorrow.

  3. Hi Diana, Welcome to Hong Kong! I'm sorry your introduction has been hotel problems and endless rain. Well, at least the rain makes things cooler.
    Do you mind if I ask how much rooms at this place cost? Did you sign a long-term contract you can't get out of?

  4. Joyce - Thanks! I actually wore a jacket for awhile today, that was unexpected.

    I have paid upfront in cash, except for the money I owe because they made an error on the bill. (I am stalling on that because of the tv) and just general annoyance). It is $7500HK, plus 4 days, so another $1000, a $1000 deposit, a $100 key deposit and a $200 laundry access charge. With a key deposit of $20 when I use that.

    So unfortunately I would say that I am stuck here. If you have any advice, I would appreciate it.

    I had two online friends say this is a good place, but I won't be recommending it unless something seriously changes.

  5. No, and at this point I don't know if it came up during my research, that was months ago. Are you saying I should try that for my next trip?

    This is www.rentaroomhk.com

  6. Okay laa! A big part of the problem was that they weren't either hearing me or not understanding me--because today they seemed to finally understand. I went to class already feeling better about all this. When I came back they had just removed the fried tv and were giving me another one. Reception is even better than I had in the first room now, which is a bonus.

  7. $7500HK for how long?
    If it's for most of your trip -- meaning several weeks -- that's a pretty good deal. As I'm sure you know, rents and hotel rooms are pricy here.
    Is it at least clean and safe?

  8. $7500 is the monthly rate. I am staying for 34 days so the total is $8500HK.