Saturday, March 27, 2010

Details, details

Life is full of details. This week I went for my regularly scheduled cleaning at my dentist's office so that she could give her regularly scheduled lecture on the benefits of flossing. I know she is right, I just don't like to do it. But as I get older (and older) I have started to make peace with alot of things I don't like to do that are good for me and do floss more than I used to--but clearly not as regularly scheduled as my dentist recommends.

I also got my taxes done. I don't understand much of this stuff and one of the best decisions I made a few years ago was to pay someone to take care of this for me. In an hour I am out the door with a promise of a refund. Nice! And he pointed out a detail that I have known I needed to look into more--what I am putting in my 403B--his subtle question was "do you want to retire before you are 80?" LOL I looked over my paperwork on this and I realized I was under a misconception that I was putting in more than I actually am. But that is easily remedied and I have already gotten the necessary form from the Benefits office.

But the details I have been taking care of have been for my Hong Kong trip are the most fun. This week I purchased a travel iron and a travel hair dryer as well as a voltage adapter. And being that my trip is my longest one ever, I am looking into a larger suitcase. It is a little early to worry about my wardrobe, I do still have two months but I am "window shopping." My recent trip to Florida did give me an idea of what I would need to buy.

One more detail, which can also wait, is to buy a Kindle. I love the idea of having reading material with me without having to carry a lot of extra weight. And generally I do give myself a gift when I get my tax refund so this will be it. The rest goes into savings for my future, whether it be traveling or retirement.

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