Saturday, March 20, 2010


Pretty Victrola in Thomas Edison's "Little Office"

I had a very nice time in Florida, I spent a little time in quite a few places, Ft. Myers for the Edison Ford Winter Estates and Museum, Sarasota for Ringling Brothers Museum, Tampa-St. Pete to see my aunt and uncle who also live down there and a few more wonderful things. It was a busy trip and yet relaxing too, we were home every evening to either watch tv or play their Wii and the mornings we all gradually woke up, ate and got dressed.

I forget in between trips to other parts of the US, usually to see my family, how much Americans live in their cars. I don't have a car and although I do have a license I rarely drive. And at some point I became fearful of driving so I have no burning desire to either. My sister and brother live 45 minutes from almost anywhere of interest--the nearest airports, the nearest major cities or tourist attractions. This doesn't bother them because they like to drive. Which worked out well for me.

Banyan Tree @ Edison Ford Winter Estates

Anyway, for once, I have pictures. Unfortunately, one picture I was hoping to share really didn't come out well--I was in the Ringling Bros museum in front of one of those body altering mirrors and got to see myself shrunk down to less than 3 feet.

Local wildlife

-- an Ibis Crane who walked by during lunch at Ringling Bros -- Sandpiper Crane
mother and child walking the median near my sister's townhouse
-- a turtle a park ranger was protecting from tourists at Ringling Bros

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