Thursday, January 13, 2011


Sorry for the delay. Really had major jet lag on both ends of my trip. But it has been shorter on this end, thankfully, still it has taken more than a week. And this is just a short entry, I just wanted to start. I am going to post my pix chronologically because that is how my pix are loaded onto my computer. Some days I took almost no pix (except for concert photos) and some I took quite a few.

I don't shop, not here, not anywhere. But it seems that when in Hong Kong, one shops, even if you aren't the one buying anything.

Apparently there is an art to buying towels, its all in the fingers

Despite being fascinated by these wax apples, I never got around to tasting them


  1. The women buying towels photo is the kind of place I'm apt to wander into just to look around. Everyday items are interesting and fun to look at in other places and cultures. Occasionally I buy an item but mostly just look around and around so usually I browse when alone.

  2. Is that what the fruit is called in English -- wax apples? I didn't know!

    I love them myself... very juicy and refreshing. :)

  3. sbk, I agree, this was more interesting to me than walking through Harbour City or Pacific Place. I also "helped" my friends buy children's clothing, jeans and underwear.

    YTSL, I came up with this via some online research, never have seen them here that I can recall, so I could be wrong.