Wednesday, January 19, 2011

House of Dancing Water

Somehow a friend of a friend of probably another friend was able to get us reasonably priced tickets to see "House of Dancing Water" in Macau. It was a bit nerve wracking to fit into our schedule being that the show was at 5 and Andy Lau's concerts start at 8:30 but it was well worth it. We wouldn't have been late at all if we had had an easier time catching a taxi upon our return to Hong Kong, as it was we only missed the first 2 or 3 songs.

The show is accessible to anyone I think, the cast is a mix of most if not all cultural backgrounds and although there is a plot to the show, there are no actual words spoken. It has ballerinas, an evil step-mother, a handsome prince, a damsel in distress who just happens to be a beautiful princess ... but really, forget the plot, doesn't really matter. And forget the water, which moves very fast in every direction, one minute it is barely more than a puddle, next it is deep enough for the cast to dive into from great heights and then before you can blink twice there is no water at all it and at times it is one massive, gorgeously lit water fountain--because at least for me, it was the artistry of the physicality of everyone in the show that is the real star of the show. It was a great demonstration of strength, agility and flexibility of both men and women. And clearly no one was afraid of heights, because there were quite a few entrances from the rafters, high diving and even motorcycle stunts, which seemed out of place and then again, not somehow. Anyway, I enjoyed the show immensely.

Unfortunately for an amateur photographer for me this was a nightmare in terms of trying to get a decent picture but I did try ...

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