Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee would have been 70 years old today if he had lived.

I often wonder about the iconic people who die young, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, John, Robert and John Jr. of the Kennedy family. Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee. How would their lives have turned out if they had lived? Greater accomplishments or disgrace? Or maybe after the flame of youth and/or power flickered out they finished their lives much as the rest of us live them. Of course there is no knowing.

I think, especially in Bruce's case, we just need to be happy he lived for as long he did and was able to make an impact in such a short period of time. Long live the memory of Bruce Lee.


  1. Hi Diana --

    Went and watched a new Hong Kong movie entitled "Bruce Lee My Brother" yesterday. (It's largely based on a book by Bruce's youngest brother, Robert.) It was when I was watching it that I realized that it was his birthday yesterday.

    This year, I've come to appreciate Bruce Lee more as a result of viewing more of his films at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. His action abilities were amazing, he had a palpable charisma about him and his acting skills really shouldn't be underestimated as well.

  2. What excellent timing you have YTSL. How is that film, will you be reviewing it for us? I was really impressed with Aarif Lee in Echos of a Rainbow so I have expectations beyond his physical resemblance which often leads to disappointment.

    I can remember the first time I saw Bruce Lee on tv. It was a show called "Longstreet" about a blind detective. Bruce was his self-defense instructor. It was a small role but he caught my attention. Even as a girl that age, 9 or 10 years old, not knowing anything about martial arts or Chinese philosophy, I was mesmerized. He was so calm and so agile, he really made an impression on me. And that was before he went back to Hong Kong to make films.

  3. Hi again Diana --

    I liked the movie (giving it an 8 out of 10 on the rating scale). Let's see how this week goes... if I'm not too tired, I might review it this Thursday. :)