Saturday, August 14, 2010

Down? Websites

Ever since I came back from HK I have been trying to rejoin my favorite Asian online rental site, but I can't get through. I even emailed them, thinking that there was some way around the problem--no response. After much thought I joined my second choice, I don't think their site is as user friendly and their selection isn't as extensive. Both sites have a special plan for tv series rental, which I don't want to do because my focus is on films. But I do like to watch the occasional tv series. This is where cinflix is the better choice because there are some tv series that you can rent without being on the special plan. Right now I am midway thru an old Stephen Chow, Alex Man and Theresa Mo series.

Another site I have been missing is It hasn't been updated since May. I have long relied on that for info on upcoming Chinese and Hong Kong films. I can't help wonder what happened, anyone know? I hope it is nothing serious. I can't help but think of another site I used to follow, HK Entertainment, where the webmaster got seriously ill. He has recovered but the site is forever gone it seems. There are blogs that fill in most of the gap of information but still, I like how MonkeyPeaches was presented and do miss it.

I am off for the week to see my family, the last of my vacation. I haven't been there since December so it has been awhile. Yep, I am going to have to be in suspense on the rest of the tv series until I come back.


  1. Sanney, from HK Entertainment News in Review, is back here but he doesn't update it very often:

    I recommend Dennis Lee's blog very highly for the news on upcoming features. That blog is here:

    I miss Monkey Peaches too but I must admit I hadn't looked at it in months.

  2. Hi Glenn, thanks and yes, Sanney is back in a limited way and I subscribe to Dennis Lee's blog. I don't think I am missing any actual content, it is just that I was comfortable with MonkeyPeaches presentation. I had been going to it less often too, but I would still go every week or so. Oh well, things change.

    I am at my sister's house facing the prospect of trying to sleep thru the sound of crickets and the wind blowing thru the tree ... where are the sirens, motorcycles vrooming and car alarms? How is a city girl supposed to sleep? ;)