Friday, June 25, 2010

Ding Ding!

From my fav spot on the tram (Kennedy Town)


Democracy in action (Central)

North Point market

A great way to see some parts of Hong Kong at a leisurely speed is the tram or the Ding! Ding! I spent a whole afternoon going from Wan Chai to North Point, North Point to Kennedy Town and finishing up at Western Market. I would have continued but my bladder had other ideas. The tram isn't air conditioned but there was an enjoyable breeze.

Today was my last class. I am officially at the Intermediate level. Which stills seems like I know so little but it is progress.

This week I hope to get to the New Territories and a couple of the outlying islands to escape the heat of the city and just basically relax. Instead of counting weeks, it seems like all of a sudden I am down to counting days, I leave early in the morning on the 2nd. So only 6 days left in Hong Kong.


  1. I *love* riding the tram, but even though I've rode it many times on each of my trips, I still haven't made it as far as Kennedy Town, just the Western Market. I'll make a point of taking it all the way next time.

    Enjoy the rest of your time in HK!

  2. Hi Diana,

    Like you and duriandave I too "love" the tram. On a visit several years ago I had terrible jet lag and was staying in Causeway Bay near the tram. For several mornings I would ride the tram between 7AM & 8:30AM when I then would meet my daughter for breakfast. At the end of the line I would dutifully pay, get off and then back on.

  3. duriandave, Kennedy Town probably takes you another 20-30 mins from Central so if you have the time it is a great ride. You can see how much they are building on the waterfront in that area and there is a whole street of dried fish vendors along the way.

    sbk-that sounds like a great way to spend your mornings! I think I was on the tram for almost 3 hours altogether, 3 separate rides, $6HK--a tremendous bargain. I am wondering now about some of the other locations it goes to ...

  4. Hi Diana --

    Wow, only 5 days left! And a couple of days that are forecast to have lots of rain!! :(

    Re the tram: recommend taking it all the way east to Shau Kei Wan. And if it's not a rainy day, head to the Museum of Coastal Defence in the area even if you're not military history inclined as there are great views to be had from it.

  5. Yes, YTSL, mostly rain forecasted, not sure how I am going to entertain myself. Thanks for the tip on Shau Kei Wan and the Museum of Coastal Defense.

    On another note, I heard on the news that the artist whose works I saw at the Museum of Art, Wu Guanzhong, died this weekend at the age of 91.