Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter blah

I have been in winter blah mode. Part of it is that it got colder, windier and snowier. Then I caught some sort of sore throat/cold that has been dogging me for at least 10 days now, it has been up and down, some days I feel I am almost over it then I start feeling sicker again. I am not one of those people that go to the doctor when they have a cold normally. Nor do I take a lot of meds, I believe in extra fluids and lots of rest generally. Being sick always puts me in the dumps, I am a bit of a drama queen when it comes to these things.

So I have been living even more monastically than usual. Work, the Olympics and lots of sleep. I don't usually watch the winter Olympics. Even though I have spent half my life in winter weather (so it seems) I am not a fan and so people who enjoy activities on ice and snow are kind of freaky to me as a rule. Then I look at the crowds in the stands wondering how many layers of clothes are they wearing? And because I tend to drink a lot of water I always have toilet facilities in mind--now there is a detail NBC has yet to cover LOL--I would hate to have to use a portapotty in below freezing weather.

I did go out yesterday to celebrate Chinese New Year with my fellow Cantonese students and our teachers. Chinatown was awash in dancing lions, flying colorful paper and I even had a little colored string battle at one of my friend's storefront with both adults and children. I had never done that before and it was fun. It was funny to see the variety of reactions of those who accidentally would get streamed, it was so crowded on Mott St, it was bound to happen--one woman was really annoyed, clearly not in the spirit of the holiday. CNY is not the time to be in a hurry walking via Chinatown or expecting not to be accosted by a dancing lion or something else colorful--but maybe she was in winter blah mode too.

Now I am feeling somewhat better and the weather is actually pretty nice again--for winter that is--so hopefully this winter blah is on its way out.


  1. glad to see you are back. was afraid you had abandoned the blog or something. I get the winter blahs and mine usually last from right after Thanksgiving (which I enjoy) up to my birthday in March. Part of it is the weather and the short days. The good thing about being snowed in on the East Coast a few weeks ago was I finally had time to watch a lot of things on DVD. Happy New Year!

  2. LOL Glenn, I had no idea I had been away that long--so lost in my fog am I, nice to be missed.

    I have always struggled with the winter blues, I remember when I was a kid listening to my mom tell my aunt that I withdrew into myself in the wintertime--some things you never out grow. Sometimes when I am busy enough I can ignore it and I thought I was doing a good job of it until this sore thoat hit me.

    In March I am going to Florida to visit my sister, that will either depress me further or shake me of it.

    Meanwhile, as they say: misery loves company!

  3. Hi Diana,

    I read your comments on ytsl's Webs of Significance and was wondering what online Asian rental you referred to. As you mentioned Netflix isn't the greatest for Hong Kong movies. Thanks.

  4. SBK--I have rented from two different ones in the past, and The prices are about the same, I would go back to ehit, I found cinflix a little lacking in terms of customer service but I have a friend who prefers them over ehit. Both have Japanese, Chinese (Mainland and HK) and Korean and both have separate plans for tv series which I never tried.

  5. Thanks for the recommendations.

    I subscribe to's tv series plan as I'm a big Korean Drama fan. I haven't had any customer service problems but I find their site awkward to use. I thought at first it was my older computer but using a different newer computer wasn't much better.

    Thanks for the information. I just checked out their site and it looks good.