Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Clean Slate

Finally this morning I got my hard drive back, as a clean slate. Wow, how bizarre. It has been damn inconvenient being without my computer, then having to set up all the drives and programs so that I could work again. But I am loving how fast it is now and that because there is so little on it, what is on it is so much easier to find. Stark Simplicity. It also solved a dilemma of mine--whether I should change my wallpaper or not. It was a photo of my dearly departed, the best dog a woman could ever have. She died in mid-October. I was trying to decide if keeping it up there was getting to be morbid or if it was just a sweet memorial. Well, it is gone. I could get it off my USB or facebook or any number of places I have my dog's pix but I decided this was a good time to move on.

I had my Cantonese tutoring session last night. Via Skype, which I love. I was having a lot of difficulties with my tongue, I guess I was a bit rusty from the vacation. But it was really funny at one point, I was counting, 1oo1, 1oo2 ... and I kept mixing up my consonents, so "l" when it was supposed to be "ch" and vice versa. I must have done it 5x in a row, I would correct myself and do it again. Not only do I pay my tutor, I give her a good laugh. She is either really good or really bad at giving homework, I haven't decided. Sometimes I really have to think not only of what I would answer in Cantonese but also sometimes what I would answer in English!

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